Belt Scale Installation and Calibration

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Pneutrol International Limited install, commission and calibrate a complete range of West Weigh Belt Weighing Systems to suit all applications and accuracies. Installations range from weighing shredded domestic waste at 10 tph to loading ships at 8000 tph and higher. Whatever your requirement – we have the solution.

The Single Idler System (SIBW) is a low cost solution ideal for plant inventory, control and indication. It is also perfect for all mobile plant applications. The low profile weighframe utilises two precision load cells and is maintenance free. It is quick and easy to install and can be supplied in kit format for local installation or installed by our site installation team.

The Dual Idler System (DIBW) is a modular, fully floating weighframe utilising four precision load cells. The system is recommended where the engineering data indicates that an increased weighspan is required for the desired system accuracy. This system has been used extensively in the waste processing / re-cycling industry.

The Four Idler System (FIBW) is an extended version of the dual idler system. Four load cells are used and the extended weighframe carries four idler sets (or more) to give the enhanced weighspan. This system is used where the very best accuracy is required with long periods of operation between calibration routines.

All of the systems are designed to operate reliably in the most arduous conditions. The weighframes are supplied with a galvanised finish and all mounting hardware is Zinc plated. Stainless steel weighframes are available to order, as are specialised paint finishes.