Dynamix WIFI – Wireless Automation


The Dynamix software engine utilises the latest network topology to provide users with the flexibility of the ‘wireless world.’  With our optimised communication protocol we provide Dynamix users with the ability to view or control the batching process wirelessly throughout the plant.

Block Machine Loader & Loading Shovel

Twenty years ago you would not have though it would be possible to send emails, faxes, text messages and have conference calls whilst lying on the beach using a Mobile Phone, now this functionality is common place in many mobile phones and portable devices.  Pneutrol International’s design engineers looked at applications for similar functionality in batching plants and quickly identified two key areas where Dynamix WIFI would provide a dramatic improvement over existing systems.



Mobile Dynamix can be fitted to the cab of the Loading Shovel to provide the operator with realtime pictorial data of the bin levels on the plant(s).  The mobile system also allows the operator to have full automatic or manual control of the infeed system from the comfort of cab, anywhere in the yard.

Another application where Mobile Dynamix has been a tremendous success is in the cab of the block machine loader.  Again the operator has full automatic/manual control from the comfort of the cab.  If the operator notices a problem with the mobile block machine, the operator can put the batching system on hold at the touch of a button without having to walk across the yard to the plant.  As the operator has full mobile control, alarm messages can be viewed and corrective action taken without delay or the water content for the mix can be adjusted to ensure the optimal mix every time.


If WIFI is not available Mobile Dynamix can operate over the 3G or 4G networks to provide access to the batching plant from anywhere in the world.