Fluid Dynamix Liquid Weigh Systems

Dynamix 5

Fluid Dynamix is the revolutionary new liquid weigh system from Pneutrol International Limited.  No other system offers the same levels of accuracy or control.

Pneutrol International Limited initially developed the Fluid Dynamix Weigh System to satisfy the urgent need for a quality, high performance admixture weigh system in the Concrete Industry.  The Pneutrol design team looked at all aspects of the liquid weighing process and identified a novel method of implementing dynamic weighing to a static process.  The ‘patent pending’ design highlights the depth of knowledge Pneutrol International has gained, with over 35 years in the weighing and process control sector.

Standard Features of Fluid Dynamix

  • Single or Dual compartment liquid weigh vessels
  • High accuracy single point loadcell
  • Single vessel weighs 1-4 different liquids
  • Dual compartment weighs 1-6 different liquids, 3 per compartment
  • 360 Hemispherical washout facility
  • Modular design can be easily retroffited to existing processes or applications
  • Vessels and enclosure constructed from 402 Stainless Steel for optimal corrosion resistance
  • Robust fully welded galvanised frame
  • Full IEC60204 Electrical drawings
  • Calibration certificate compliant with QSRMC / ISO standards
  • All units built using the latest precision engineering equipment powered by Wind Energy
  • Improve your carbon footprint and purchase from an environmentally respectful manufacturer

Additional options

  • Antifrost heater and thermostatic controller
  • Wide range of filling and discharge pumps
  • VSD electronic pump controller for high accuracy over the complete weigh range
  • Discharge back pressure eliminator for fully sealed applications
  • Installation and integration service


NOTE : Due to commercial sensitivity over the novel design of this market leading product we are unable to publish full details of the Fluid Dynamix System on our website.  Please contact our Technical Sales Team who will be happy to forward a secure link to the Fluid Dynamix System